Paige Spiranac hits back at wardrobe critics: I can choose what I want to wear

The social media star sent out a clear message

Paige Spiranac turns heads on the golf course thanks to revealing black outfit

GolfPaige Spiranac goes barefoot on golf course to tease her 2024 bikini calendar

It’s quite clear that Paige Spiranac isn’t at all interested in hearing what her critics have to say when it comes to what she wears while playing golf.

The 30-year-old has made plenty of fans on social media thanks to the content she regularly posts online. Known for wearing daring and revealing outfits, Spiranac boasts 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

Paige Spiranac shows off her swing with style at private club

During her recent appearance on Kay Adams’ ‘Up and Adams Show’, Spiranac said that she is at her most confident when she dresses sexy.

“It’s just how I feel best, I’ve always dressed this way,” she said, when asked about how she dresses.

“I like being sexy, it’s when I’m most confident.

“There are definitely times I play it up on social media.

“It’s my body, it’s my choice and I can choose what I want to wear.

“You can still respect and uphold the tradition of the game. It doesn’t have to be all about your wardrobe.

“I’m just trying to share my personal story and be authentic to myself.”

How Paige Spiranac switched from gymnastics to golf

As she discussed her attire, Paige Spiranac also opened up about her decision to leave gymnastics and take up golf.

“When I switched to golf, I was comfortable being in leotards,” said Spiranac.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy a ‘golf appropriate’ wardrobe so I would wear leggings and tank tops from my closet.

“That’s how I learned to play golf on public courses where there wasn’t a strict dress code.

“When I started posting on social media, I never had an idea of going viral.

“I was just showing my swing, but because I was wearing clothes that weren’t golf appropriate people lost their minds.

“I think people are scared to get into golf because it can be quite unwelcoming.”

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