Photos: Emma Raducanu shares how life has been going lately


Raducanu is currently sidelined but plans to return in 2024.

Photos: Emma Raducanu shares how life has been going lately

Photos: Emma Raducanu shares how life has been going lately© Emma Raducanu – Instagram

Emma Raducanu has been enjoying some quality time lately in Great Britain as the 20-year-old has been working on her return, eating good food and exploring her hometown Bromley. Raducanu, 20, has been sidelined since May after undergoing surgeries on both wrists and also her right ankle.

In August, Raducanu returned to the practice court and she has been combining gym work and also practice. But while sidelined, Raducanu is also trying to relax as much as she can. “(British flag) time. gym, Bromley, dumplings, me & more dumplings, full moon & my city, shade play, mapo tofu, red roses company, and both British weathers,” Raducanu captioned her post.

Raducanu set to return in 2024

Two weeks ago, Raducanu confirmed that she intends to return to tennis in 2024.

After missing the last three Grand Slams, Raducanu is looking forward to playing again in 2024. “Next season I’ll be back. This season all the slams were finished so it was difficult to watch them go by but I was trying to stay in my lane as much as possible and keep focused on my recovery,” Raducanu told BBC London.

Although Raducanu hasn’t played for a couple of months now, she is still receiving certain criticism. “The fact they are still talking about me even though I’m not at these events is just a compliment. Someone told me ‘worry when they are not talking about you,'” Raducanu said.

When Raducanu returns to tennis, she will try to return to the top and also one day accomplish her dream of becoming a Wimbledon champion. At Wimbledon, there hasn’t been a British champion in the women’s singles event since Virginia Wade won the tournament in 1977. “Wimbledon is the dream and always has been growing up.

It’s still the ultimate dream to win Wimbledon,” Raducanu said. Raducanu is expected to return to action at the start of the 2024 season.

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