When Barbie Actress Margot Robbie Said Every Actor Has A Price Tag In The Film Industry, “I Got Told What My Price…”

In 2015, in an interview, the Barbie actress was asked how she started her Hollywood journey with a Martin Scorsese film and then went to Sundance.

Margot Robbie is one of the most loved Hollywood actresses. The Australian star made her acting debut in 2011 with a series called ‘Pan Am.’ Her first Hollywood film was ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ directed by Martin Scorsese. Robbie starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 film.

After The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie appeared in several amazing movies, such as Bombshell, Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan, Babylon, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and Barbie. The journey has been quite tasking and interesting for Margot. In an old interview, the actress talked about her career and how actors have a price tag in the film industry.

In 2015, in an interview, the Barbie actress was asked how she started her Hollywood journey with a Martin Scorsese film and then went to Sundance. Margot Robbie reacted, “It was nice though. It’s still all about passionate filmmakers. Marty, even at 70, still strikes me as one of the biggest film enthusiasts that I’ve come across.” Margot tried to bag the role of Ann in ‘Z for Zachariah’ before doing The Wolf of Wall Street. However, she wasn’t a part of any big film back then and didn’t have much international value to her name. Hence, she didn’t get to be a part of the film.

Further, in the same interview with The Guardian, Margot Robbie talked about actors’ “market value” in the film industry. The Suicide Squad star said, “Yeah, it is really odd. Someone put it to me interestingly a few years ago: every actor has a price tag. To make a film is just a math equation. And if you can make the actor’s numbers add up, then the movie can get made, and if you can’t, then you’re going to have to reevaluate who you’re hiring. I got told what my price tag was the other day, when someone said: ‘If we put you in this film, we’d get this amount for funding’. It kind of reminds you in some ways you’re just a part of the system, but you always have great directors fighting for the authentic choice. But on the other hand, you have the financiers and the producers doing the math behind it.”

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie was last seen in Barbie and Saltburn movies in 2023. The actress will next be seen in ‘A Big Bold Beautiful Journey’ and ‘Queen of the Air’ movies.

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