Wimbledon: Emma Navarro’s Shock Loss Puts Coco Gauff in the Line of Fire From Fans on a Disastrous Day For American Tennis

Some might see the famous phrase “History repeats itself” as just an old saying but for others, it is something inevitable. Coco Gauff‘s 2023 Wimbledon campaign introduced her to one of the darkest phases of her career. While it was an American (Sofia Kenin) who hindered the run before it even started, she had to go through a similar fate this time as well. Soon after it all happened, fans started changing their opinions about their young champ.

Recently, Coco Gauff had to go through a tough time during her Wimbledon 2024 journey. The 20-year-old started on a fine note, gathering three massive wins without even dropping a set. However, during the pre-quarters, the tables turned and the US Open champion couldn’t be on top of her levels against Emma Navarro.

Coco Gauff was defeated by Emma Navarro in the fourth round of Wimbledon in 2024, with the final scoreline suggesting a one-sided 6-4, 6-3 win for the latter. “We had a game plan going in, and I felt that it wasn’t working. I don’t always ask for advice from the box, but today was one of those rare moments where I felt I didn’t have solutions,” Gauff said, making it clear that she felt helpless during the round of 16 showdown.

While everyone was ready to consider it as just another negative in the game of wins and losses, the fact that Emma Navarro was taken down within no time in her quarter-final showdown made everyone switch opinions.

Fans regard Coco Gauff as “disappointing” over the Wimbledon loss

Soon after the results of Emma Navarro’s quarter-final showdown against Jasmine Paolini were revealed, social media was abuzz with doubtful comments about Coco Gauff’s potential. Paolini took down her American rival in straight sets and this filled up the fans with frustration regarding the US Open champion’s competitiveness.

A fan, sarcastically making a negative comment on Gauff, wrote, “Emma Navarro wishes she can play against Coco Gauff everyday.” The fans started to believe that Emma Navarro might have had a boost in her potential and confidence with her recent win. While her Italian rival washed away the perception, all the targets were set on the 20-year-old.

Another fan, being curious about the results that didn’t really narrate a similar story, wrote, “How tf did Coco Gauff lose to Navarro, Paolini killed her in less than an hour😭.” The showdown between Navarro and Paolini was one of the quickest in this year’s grass court major event.

Fans started to shift their expectations towards Navarro after she took down Coco Gauff. While her recent performance was nothing in comparison to the one against her compatriot, a fan inquired, “lol Coco Gauff really lost to this Navarro?”

Another comment shot a similar question to Coco Gauff. Considering some of her really unexpected defeats, especially the ones at Wimbledon, the fan wrote, “Coco can really be disappointing sometimes mehn.”

While some seemed to be offended, others got a chance to troll the US Open champion. A fan dropped one of Coco Gauff’s candid reactions saying, “Now it’s ridiculous” linking it to the caption that said, “When Coco Gauff  sees the Paolini  v Navarro score at Wimbledon.”

With these and several other comments on a similar note, the fans made it clear that they were not at all ready to accept that Emma Navarro defeated Coco Gauff with such downgraded levels. As the Americans turn their screens off with an unexpected day at Wimbledon, all eyes are on the ATP contenders.

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