After Creating Ripples With a ‘No Makeup’ Style, Paige Spiranac Hints the Reason Behind the Weakened SNS Presence


Paige Spiranac has surfaced after a partial break. The former pro golfer is known for her presence on social media. Being a golf influencer, Spiranac uses her platform extensively to endorse and promote all the gigs she is a part of. In the last week, the golf world saw less of her, but now, the 30-year-old has made a re-entry. With a no-makeup look, the star has admitted to being unwell, which was the reason behind her absence.


The fans quickly wished for her speedy recovery and showered all the love on their much-loved golf star. What exactly happened?


Paige Spiranac’s candid health update amid being partially MIA


Paige has been making heads turn in golf with her takes on her podcast ‘Playing a Round With Paige’. Her talk show is the space where the golfer has admitted to some of her biggest secrets. Spiranac’s social media handles are also a space where she connects with her fans on an up-close level. Recently, the golfer posted a picture after a week of no big activities, and soon, the comment section was filled with questions. A fan asked the player about her health, hoping that the golfer did not feel sick. Spiranac replied by stating that she’s slowly “been feeling better.”



The model added that was feeling unwell last week and couldn’t even get out of her bed, but now she’s “finally starting to feel better.” The gold mommy did not post much content for her fans last week, and now it seems that her health might have been the reason why. Spiranac’s attitude and approach to talking to her fans has everyone impressed. On her podcast recently, the golfer shared a deep secret with her listeners that ascertained the claims of a strong bond. Let’s dive deeper.


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Recently, Paige Spiranac opened up about the hypocrisy in the world of pro golf. The model mentioned how she knows her audience and makes content based on her understanding of what her followers like, but that often leads to her getting removed from endorsements and other gigs.


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Spiranac added that if she is to be compared to her male counterparts in the industry and the content they post, it’s often that what they put out is more problematic, but no one bats an eye to that. This, as per the former pro, looks somewhat hypocritical. As Spiranac navigates through her days of sickness and controversies in the world of golf, her fans remain by her side through thick and thin. This stands as a testimony to the relationship she shares with her admirers.

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