Alcaraz ‘Not Injured’ Despite Barcelona Open Withdrawal According To Reports


Carlos Alcaraz withdrew from the 2024 Barcelona Open, but according to the reports, he’s not injured, which is good news.

The Spaniard withdrew from the Monte-Carlo Masters last week due to physical issues, which actually stopped one of his practices early a couple of days before the withdrawal.

He kept practicing in Murcia ahead of the upcoming Barcelona Open, which he won twice, including last year, but he won’t be playing at that event either.

On Sunday, news broke of Alcaraz withdrawing from the event, which is a huge blow because he certainly didn’t want to withdraw from the ATP 500 event in Barcelona as the defending champion.

The Barcelona Open has been an amazing tournament for him, and he really looked forward to playing there. The news obviously didn’t make any of his fans worry less because that’s now the second event in April that he had to withdraw from.

The Madrid Open is coming up next, and he’s the defending champion there as well. Then it’s the Italian Open in Rome, and it’s just a busy time of the year – a bad time to be injured.

Picking up an injury right now and now playing would be catastrophic for him, especially with his Roland Garros ambitions. However, the Spaniard is apparently not injured, per reports.

According to journalist German Abril Alcaraz, he underwent medical tests in Spain, which cleared him of any injury. The same journalist says his withdrawal from the Barcelona Open is more about not feeling well when hitting the forehand.

“It is important to note: Carlos Alcaraz is NOT injured. This was confirmed yesterday by medical tests. The problem is that he doesn’t have a good feeling when hitting hard with his forehand. It is important that you feel confident again when hitting the drive.”

German Abril on Alcaraz

Obviously, there must be some discomfort there, but nothing serious like an injury, and the true extent will show in Madrid.


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