Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa’s BFF Team Gets a New Addition in Ons Jabeur as the Trio Relishes Life in Style


In the world of professional tennis, where rivalry frequently rules the court, friendship may be an extremely valuable and uncommon commodity. But the lucky duo of Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa do not need to worry about that. Besides their long-term friendship, there is a new addition to their group. And it is none other than Ons Jabeur!

Paula Badosa posted a recent Instagram story with herself beside Sabalenka and Ons Jabeur. She captioned it, “Friendship,” followed by heart symbols. Over the snap, she added “laughing emojis” to showcase their fun time off the court. But the story goes further when Jabeur reposted the picture on her social media.

In addition to introducing Ons Jabeur as a new member of Sabalenka and Badosa’s circle, the picture captured a moment of laughter and bonding. The three stars, who are from different parts of the world (Belarus’ Sabalenka, Spain’s Badosa, and Tunisia’s Jabeur), demonstrated how sport can bring people together from different backgrounds.

Fans have already seen several of the interactions between Badosa and Sabalenka online over the course of the previous year. They even came to refer to one another as “soulmates.” But now, as Jabeur steps into this new bond, she is often seen together with the duo on tours. Earlier this year at the Charleston Open, Jabeur and Badosa shared their fun training sessions through their social media posts. And after Sabalenka won the Australian Open, Ons Jabeur’s excitement for her friend captured a lot of attention among their fans.

However, Badosa and Sabalenka’s friendship goes way back. They became buddies during an exhibition match when they were competing against one another. After they had a brief talk, their connection grew, and the rest is history. As their bond grew over time, Sabalenka also spoke of how much she valued her connection with Badosa. She mentioned that the Spaniard has encouraged her to be more open and at ease in her surroundings. Even during the disheartening moments of Sabalenka’s personal life, Badosa stood beside her.

“She’s a very, very strong woman,” Paola Badosa said after her match with Aryna Sabalenka

Aryna Sabalenka went through a difficult phase during the Miami Open this year. Before her first match against Badosa, Sabalenka’s 42-year-old former ice hockey player, Koltsov, passed away. Sabalenka did not withdraw from the match and went on to defeat her best friend on the court. And later on, Paula Badosa showered her best friend with appreciation and love.

When asked about whether she was surprised by her performance, she said, “No, I wasn’t surprised at all. As I said, she’s a very, very strong woman, strong personality. You can see it on the court. Especially as I know her off court. It doesn’t surprise me at all.”

With an emotional victory, Sabalenka embraced her pal at the net. This heartwarming gesture of friendship serves as a reminder of the unifying power of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Now, fans can’t wait to see how this new member of their group adds further to their friendships.

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