Carlos Alcaraz’s insane shot gets Iga Swiatek’s attention


While the official ATP and WTA seasons might be done for the next month, that will not stop top players from participating in exhibitions in various parts of the world. These exhibitions pay great money and expose the player to an audience who might not otherwise see them play. Carlos Alcaraz played in one such exhibition on Wednesday in Mexico City, Mexico and Alcaraz hit one of the most insane shots you are likely to ever see.

Not that the score matters, but Alcaraz was leading 7-6 4-1 and trailing a serving Paul love-15 when there was a short rally and Paul hit a passing shot deep on the deuce part of the court when Carlos Alcaraz ran the ball down and swung at it between his legs and with his back turned to Paul. Only the ball did not pop up in the air but laced down the line for a winner.

Paul could do nothing but cheer and the crowd, estimated to be 30,000 for the match, exploded in appreciation. While one of the keys to any exhibition match is for the players not to get hurt because they are not earning ATP points for the event and players are simply at the event to get paid and to entertain, there was no way the shot by Alcaraz could have been planned. In fact, most players trying do to the shot would fail to even get the ball over the net.

Carlos Alcaraz hits a mind-blowing shot in an exhibition match

But while the crowd in the stadium went absolutely nuts, so did other players. Tommy Paul could do nothing but applaud because of the skill that Carlos Alcaraz possessed to pull the shot off. WTA No. 1 Iga Swiatek responded on X (artist formerly known as Twitter) in a simple but perfect way.

The amount of shots that Carlos Alcaraz has already hit akin to the one he hit against Paul is incredibly impressive since Alcaraz is only 20 years old. We have hopefully 15 more years or more of Alcaraz hitting shots such as the one above. That is just another reason to love tennis.

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