Carlos Alcaraz’s Mystery Girlfriend Speculations Shoot Up Following His Cryptic Indian Wells Message


Tennis power couple Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa visited Inter Miami’s training facility, where they received a Lionel Messi shirt.

Spanish tennis prodigy Carlos Alcaraz‘s performance at the ongoing Indian Wells tournament received a huge appreciation from the tennis fraternity. More than that, fans got intrigued as they saw Alcaraz dropping suspense for his fans. After a remarkable victory against Italy’s Matteo Arnaldi, Alcaraz extended his Indian Wells 2024 presence by defeating Felix Auger-Aliassime. Despite that, his fans became more curious about something else.

Alcaraz’s cryptic message post-victory at the ongoing Indian Wells tournament brought rumors about his relationship. Some fans also hinted whether Alcaraz’s message was a tribute to his inspiration and legend from the country, Rafael Nadal.

Carlos Alcaraz’s cryptic message following the letter “N” becomes the hot topic of debate for tennis fans

Recently, the official X (formerly Twitter) platform of Tennis Channel shared a clip, where fans spotted Carlos Alcaraz dropping a cryptic message on the camera with his autograph marker. Alcaraz wrote- “N See you soon!.” Sharing this message, Tennis Channel said ” Who/what/where/when? ‘N’ @carlosalcaraz @BNPPARIBASOPEN.”

After this clip was posted, the whole social media platform was flooded with comments. Unable to find out whether Alcaraz meant the message for someone special or Nadal, they started revealing their guesses in the comment box.

Alcaraz was recently spotted in Las Vegas with Nadal. The Spaniard ATP pros were attending Netflix Slam 2, an exclusive exhibition match showcasing both Rafa and Alcaraz. Now Nadal had to withdraw his name from the Indian Wells tournament at the last moment. This was equally distressing for both Nadal and his fans. Therefore, some people believed that it was Alcaraz’s tribute to the king of the clay courts.

Many people also guessed that it could be for Alcaraz’s partner. Since the Spaniard tennis prodigy likes to keep his private life secret from fans, they guessed it was a start to the journey of revealing the name. Nevertheless, fans expressed their curiosity and eagerness about the matter.

Fans can’t stop but speculate interesting facts over Carlos Alcaraz’s recent cryptic message at the ongoing Indian Wells tournament

Alcaraz’s post-victory message to the camera brought much confusion among fans. They took X (formerly Twitter) to address their comments. Alcaraz’s fans mostly believed that his message was directed towards a girl.

Some people sarcastically commented that this Spanish tennis prodigy might have forgotten the spelling of the rest of the name.

His fans mostly relied on the fact that the message was meant for his girlfriend.

It was funny to see that many of Alcaraz’s fans thought the Spaniard wrote the letter N whereas he wanted to write the tournament’s name.

Carlos Alcaraz’s cryptic post-victory message at the BNP Paribas Open fuelled fans’ excitement about the tennis star’s private life. Whether fans solve the mystery or not, that’s a different question. However, they surely enjoyed the Spaniard tennis star’s incredible performance.


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