Champion Coco Gauff Turns Heads in a Chic Make-Over on a Sunny Paris Day-Out With Mother Candi



Reigning US Open champion Coco Gauff‘s hairstyles have left her fans in awe over the years. Revealing her keen enthusiasm for promoting black hairstyles, Gauff has inspired many to embrace their originality. Now after winning the Roland Garros women’s doubles, Gauff channeled her eccentric personality with her latest hairstyle, which made her fans’ jaws drop for a moment.

Coco Gauff took to her official Instagram story to share her new hairstyle with her fans. In her first story, fans spotted Gauff in a cropped black waistcoat, black wayfarer sunglasses, and golden hoops. However, the showstopper fact of her looks was her new afro hairstyle, which stormed the internet with positive comments. “good fro day! thanks to @carolsdaughter”- wrote the reigning US Open champion. Not to forget, ‘Carol’s Daughter’ is Gauff’s official hair sponsor.

In her next story, fans spotted Gauff sharing a selfie taken by her mother, Candi Gauff. In this photo, Gauff was spotted posing with a hand on her new afro hairstyle showing how much she enjoyed her latest avatar. Sharing this selfie, Gauff wrote “mom” with a blue heart that also channeled her happiness going out with her mommy.

Now, Gauff’s hairstyles have always created an online sensation. In her debut Wimbledon presence, she donned signature box braids, which became popular at that time. Four years after that, she changed her hairstyle and tried intricate cornrows that brought her a lot of praise from her fans and the fraternity. “Honestly, I wanted to try this and I got tired of braids all the time. I like to change up my hair, I’ve tried color in the past with the braids and everything, but I just needed something different”- said Gauff revealing how much she enjoys trying new styles.

This Roland Garros Doubles champion previously spoke about her wish to show off more black hairstyles on the court. Gauff said– “When I was young, I committed myself to showcasing Black hairstyles when I play, and that’s something that I take pride in. Whether it’s box braids, twists, or my natural hair, it’s a form of self-expression that I’m really proud of, especially because you still don’t see it very often in our sport.”

This year in April, Gauff shared the news of partnering with Carol’s Daughter. After that, she delved deeper into how this sponsorship has empowered her. “I was using Carol’s Daughter’s products for years before this opportunity came to me, As I’ve matured, I’ve started learning to embrace my hair more, and working with this brand felt like perfect alignment. It was founded by a Black woman with an emphasis on family, and given how close I am to mine, this partnership just felt authentic to me”- she said.

Gauff’s hairstyle transformation over the years has delighted her fans with a positive awe. Not only did she take pride in her hairstyles that represent her race, Gauff also spilled the names of her favorite hair products helping fans to embrace a healthy and nourished hair care routine.

Coco Gauff helps her fans out with the mention of her favorite hair and skincare products

While this Roland Garros Doubles champion is a fan of new hairstyles, she also understands how styling affects hair texture. Therefore, she not only styles her hair but takes extra care to keep it nourished. In an interview, Gauff revealed her favorite hair care products helping her fans out.

My favorite product for my protective styles, especially if they’re goddess braids, is the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, I’m on the go all the time, so I just apply some onto my hair, rake it through, and then I’m off to compete” – she said.

Amid her busy schedule, fans find it commendable that Coco takes really great care of her hair. However, beyond hair, Gauff maintains a good skincare routine too. She also tried products from her friend and colleague Jessica Pegula’s brand Ready 24. 

I really like the Rhode Pineapple Cleanser. My doubles partner, Jessie Pegula, also has a brand called Ready 24, and I’ve been really enjoying its Refreshing Lavender Mist and Daily Antioxidant Moisturizer, I also love using Aquaphor as lip balm and moisturizer. It’s my holy grail product”- she said.

Coco Gauff’s new hairstyle seemed amazing and it suited her really well. More than that, Gauff proved that no matter what happens, she won’t lose a moment to take care of herself. Following Gauff’s interest in showing black hairstyles, fans find it inspiring how she never backs off from her words and chooses to embrace a style of feminity that proudly showcases her race.

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