Djokovic Refuses To Comment Further On Surprising Ivanisevic Split


Novak Djokovic recently split with his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, but he refused to elaborate on their split multiple times.

As the 24-time major champion, Djokovic knows that any move he makes will be closely followed, and that applies to his split with coach Ivanisevic, as fans and media immediately got interested in the reasons behind their split.

Shortly after making the announcement, the Serbian was asked about the move, but he refused to comment on it, only saying that they remainder good friends despite the end of their collaboration.

Reports came out, saying the two had an argument in the United States, and while Djokovic remained silent, Ivanisevic has spoke about their split since in a lengthy interview with Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo.

Ivanisevic spoke about many topics, regarding their collaboration, dismissing that they had any argument, as they always had a more fiery way of communication, which may seem unusual to some.

Now, ahead of the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters, the 36-year-old player spoke to L’Equipe, and expectedly, the first question was about his split with the Croatian coach, but once again, he refused to elaborate any further.

“He summed it all up well in his last interview. We both felt like we gave our all in this relationship. It was time for a change. It is very simple.”

Like previously, Djokovic reiterated that they remained friends despite the split, calling Ivanisevic “one of the most memorable coaches.”

“He remains my friend and that of my family, and one of the most memorable coaches in the history of the game. The results we have had speak for themselves. That’s all I can say.”

Now, Djokovic will be looking for another option, but as some former players and pundits suggested, the Serbian could even stay without a coach in this stage of his tennis career.

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