Is Harry Styles Taking Over For U2 In Las Vegas?


Harry Styles has been quiet for several months now, but he might not be silent for much longer. According to one report, the pop superstar is considering a major career move – one which would see him heading to Las Vegas for a potentially lengthy stay.

The “As It Was” pop star is thinking of setting up a concert residency at the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas, according to Metro. He is one of several acts being considered for the honor, which has to go to someone quickly before the current performers leave for good.

Styles recently wrapped his years-long Love On Tour, which promoted both his albums Fine Line and Harry’s House. The venture took him all around the world and included 169 shows. It ended as one of the highest-grossing treks of all time, bringing in more than $617 million in ticket sales.

The Sphere opened only weeks ago, with U2 introducing the venue to the world. The 20,000-seat concert space is noted for its massive screen, which is unlike anything else in the world. It allows for a much more visual concert, and the band used it to turn their U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere residency into a spectacle.

Originally only expected to run for a few weeks, U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere was met with applause from fans and critics, and demand for tickets was incredibly high. The Irish rockers extended their stay, and now they have concerts planned into February 2024. Styles was seen at one of the shows, and according to the report, that’s around the time discussions began to have him take over.

With U2’s residency coming to a close in a few months, the team behind the Sphere is working hard to find the next marquee act to hold court. Beyoncé has been touted as perhaps the next most likely option, as there have been multiple reports that she met with executives about the possibility and her husband, Jay-Z, toured the space as well.

Styles and Beyoncé aren’t the only names being thrown around as possible U2 successors at the Sphere. Fellow chart-toppers like Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi have all been mentioned in articles discussing the future of the venue and who may bring audiences in.

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