Is Paige Spiranac Dating? Past and Present Love Life of Golf’s Boldest Queen

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Not that it really matters, but celebrities sometimes try to maintain a mystery around their dating life to appear single. They probably do this to maintain their appeal among their fans. How effective this strategy is, we don’t know.

At other times, public figures often just worry about the potential implications on their personal life and keep silent. This is mainly from a cautionary standpoint and to protect their relationships. And of course, there are people who just plainly prefer privacy and don’t like many questions. Which kind is Paige Spiranac and what do we know about her love life?

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After Spiranac’s divorce in 2022 (more on that later), Spiranac has mostly kept quiet about her personal life. She has hardly posted any pictures of her dates or potential boyfriends and has maintained the mystery.

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However, this April, she decided to sort of get generous with her fans. While doing a vlog of her day after the Masters’ Championship got over, Spiranac dropped some intel on her romantic side. As she walked the audience through her day, she got to the part where she was doing laundry.

Maybe she was feeling a bit high on love or something that Monday, but she let us in on the secret that she is actually dating someone. She casually mentioned how she was also going to do her “boyfriend’s laundry’ and then smiled. With a happy glow on her face, the adorable former golfer confessed she had a boyfriend.

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She spoke about how her partner works super hard and is always busy. Considering how they both have busy lives, she said that they share their chores based on whoever is available to focus on them. Sounds like they live together, doesn’t it? Big steps!

However, she didn’t feel chatty enough to go on about her partner. She revealed nothing about who that person is. Not even if they are a celebrity or not. The golf goddess has a theory of why that’s a bad idea.

Why does Spiranac feel the need to be private about her relationships?

In her podcast, ‘Play a Round with Paige’ she spoke about the real reason she feels it’s better to keep her love life private. She confessed that going public creates difficulty in maintaining the relationship.

Spiranac also sounded reluctant about answering questions about her personal life. While she talks about her personal life to some extent herself, sharing what she feels okay with at her own pace and space is different. But to respond to questions that might pop up anytime on intimate aspects of her life did not sit well with her.

However, she also touched upon how it might be unfair to make a big revelation and not talk about it later. She further felt concerned about how, once the happy parts of a relationship become public, it won’t stop there. When there is an end to the relationship that also should be shared, as it would be naturally expected. Spiranac did not feel comfortable discussing her breakups.

Golf Queen Paige Spiranac’s Rival Mikayla Demaiter Takes a Bold Detour Leaving the 30-year-old Confined To Her Ethics

She probably felt some bitterness after her marriage ended in 2022. The 30-year-old got married in 2018. Here are the details of her 4-year-long marriage and how it ended.

Paige Spiranac’s marriage and divorce

At the beginning of her golf career, she met Steve Tinoco, who is a fitness coach, and a former baseball player. Tinoco played for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2010 to 2015 in minor leagues.

All About Paige Spiranac & Steven Tinoco – Net Worth

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The two got married in 2018, and Paige mostly kept marriage away from the limelight. Looks like she has been quite private, mostly about romantic partners. However, months after the divorce, she got candid about the split up.

As far as why the marriage failed, reports suggest Tinoco was not supportive and approving of her modeling career. Spiranac has interacted enough with her fans for them to know that her transition into the influencer role is rebellious. It is believable that such a major conflict of interest could have done the deal for her.

Spiranac shared how she initially had doubts, and an aversion to getting married again. However, she also confessed that her fears have calmed down. She spoke about how she didn’t want to waste a chance at a happy marriage after just one bitter experience.

Well, hopefully, her current relationship is going well. Let her enjoy the time with her busy boyfriend and soon feel the urge to make it public, so we can share her joy.

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