Jack Grealish humbly agrees with poor EAFC 24 shooting rating but shows off physicality to interviewer

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Jack Grealish is perhaps the one player in the Premier League not willing to argue with his ratings for EA FC 24.

Grealish, who has been hailed as one of the most popular players in English football, gave a surprisingly frank assessment of his own abilities.

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And the man himself was humble enough to agree with his shooting on FC 24

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And the man himself was humble enough to agree with his shooting on FC 24

The annual ratings release of EA’s best-selling franchise usually sparks much anger and debate among the players themselves.

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Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk claimed all of his stats are ‘wrong’, while even Thierry Henry was in disbelief at seeing Cristiano Ronaldo’s downgrade.

In previous years, Jordan Henderson was so unhappy with his that he threw away his free copy while Mason Mount put his in the bin.

But in a refreshing change of pace, Grealish was satisfied with his new stats that came off the back of Manchester City‘s treble triumph.

The England star saw his overall rating improve from an 84 on FIFA 23 to an 85, with plus-one upgrades to his passing and dribbling.

During an unveiling on City’s YouTube channel, Grealish smiled at his new card and rejected the claim that he should have been given a further boost to an 86 overall.

“Nah 85 I’m happy – 84 last year…shooting yeah.”

Grealish was referencing the fact that this 76 shooting stat stayed the same on FC24 – with fellow attackers Erling Haaland, Phil Foden and Julian Alvarez all seeing their finishing go up after City scored a whopping 151 goals last season.

But he may need a few more shoulder-to-shoulder bumps to increase his physicality

The 28-year-old managed one fewer goal in 11 more appearances in all competitions last term than he did in 2021/22.

When questioned whether the score was fair, Grealish humbly responded: “Yeah – Geez, I only scored five!”

However, a small bone of contention with Grealish was his physicality, despite the generous plus-four EA had given him this year.

To demonstrate his point, he said: ‘Physicality should be a little higher’, as he shoulder-barged the interviewer to show his strength.

The two went for the ball and Grealish came off the worst

Grealish famously referenced his physicality when he begged for a free-kick in City’s 3-1 win over Arsenal in February.

The winger was nearly left red-faced after a shoulder-to-shoulder with Bukayo Saka left him on the turf – but he was spared the embarrassment of his England pal saying that he got the better of him by the referee.

Saka’s 70 physicality on FC 24 means Grealish can rest easy – at least EA Sports believes he’s stronger…

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