Kanye West can’t seem to sell his Malibu Mansion


Struggling to find a buyer, the music mogul reduces his once-pristine property by $18 million as it sits gutted and incomplete

Kanye Westseems to be struggling to sell his $57 million oceanside mansion, now listed at a significantly reduced $39 million. This drastic price drop comes after the property, bought in 2021, has been left in a nearly uninhabitable state, gutted down to its concrete bones.

Originally listed for $53 million in January 2023, West was prepared to take a $4 million loss to offload the property. However, the lack of walls, decor, or basic installations has left potential buyers cold, and the price had to be slashed further by $14 million, as reported by TMZ.

The property, designed by the illustrious architect Tadao Ando, was once admired for its sculptural lines and minimalist concrete structure. But after West’s extensive modifications, which stripped the home of windows, electrical systems, doors, and plumbing, it bears little resemblance to Ando’s visionary design. The rapper’s concept, described as turning the mansion into a “bomb shelter,” has not been warmly received, leaving the architectural community and potential buyers baffled.

High stakes and high costs: Kanye West’s Malibu mansion is a though sell

The house will require several million dollars more just to finish,” Jason Oppenheim of the Oppenheim Group, the listing agent, told The Wall Street Journal. This property now requires a buyer with a vision and a significant budget, making it a daunting project for anyone less than a seasoned developer.

Neighbors have also expressed their frustration, having endured the eyesore and anticipating extensive construction work in the future. Oppenheim, in an attempt to attract interest, highlighted to People the enduring quality of Ando’s concrete work that remains. “It’s really going to be up to the new buyer to imagine the interiors that he or she wants,” he stated, pointing out the potential for maintaining the home’s minimalist roots to let the architecture stand out.

As the real estate saga continues, the music industry heavyweight and his realtor face a challenging market. Whether this property regains its former glory or continues to linger on the market remains to be seen, but for now, Kanye West’s ambitious redesign appears to be more of a hindrance than a selling point.

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