LITTLE LITTLER I played darts with two-time world champion when I was FOUR, now I’m out to shatter Luke Littler’s Premier League record


Littler had a few words of inspiration for the youngster

Now he’s aiming to break Luke Littler’s Premier League age record!

The Cumbernauld star made the headlines last week after hitting a record-breaking highest-ever average of 104.86 on the way to winning a Foundation Tour event, aged just TEN. He even hit two maximum 180s before his third birthday.

In an exclusive chat with SunSport, Bryceland admits that playing hero Ando and an inspirational chat from Michael van Gerwen made him want to be a star of the sport.

He said: “I first watched darts on TV when I was in my baby walker and I watched it constantly.

“That was when Gary Anderson was winning the world championship. He was my first hero.

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“I’ve actually been playing since I was 18 months. I don’t remember that much though.

“I started with a soft tip board and then my dad stuck a real board underneath his own.

“I then got real darts for my second birthday. My mum and dad knew I was safe with them and I loved playing and have done ever since. Gary even watched me play at an exhibition when I was four.

“As I got a bit older I used to throw a bit closer to the board. Then I went to an exhibition in Newcastle with Michael van Gerwen two years ago.

“Michael insisted that I practice with him at full height and the right distance because he thought I was good enough.

“That’s when I went home and told my mum and dad I wanted to play in the JDC (Junior Darts Corporation).

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“Michael was my inspiration and sat at my table. He was speaking to us all, he was really nice and good to me.”

Under the watchful eye of parents Jamie and Lindsay, the young Scottish sensation is on the road to glory.

Bryceland is a strong contender in the JDC, coming through the same ranks that made Littler into a star.

He added: “I missed the first JDC tournament earlier this year because I hadn’t turned 10-years-old. After my birthday, then it went to Glenrothes in Scotland and I won the final event.

“I then won two events in Coventry during the Easter holidays. My next tournament is this weekend and I have to sort that out with school.

“For my first tournament, I could not add anything up. After Christmas I had learnt so much I was really good at maths. I’m now top of my class at school and told I have a good understanding of the subject.”

Littler has now given Bryceland the belief he can be a Premier League star by the time he turns 16. That would break Littler’s record of making his debut earlier this year at the age of 17.

He added: “Luke has inspired me as well. I wanted him to win the world championship.

“I got to meet Luke at the Scottish Open two years ago so I was so pleased to see him do so well, especially as he was also in the JDC for the last few years.

“I haven’t thought about it much but I can aim to be in the Premier League when I’m 16.

“I told my mum and dad from a young age that I was going to be a PDC player.

“I don’t practice for a certain amount of time. I come home from school and have a throw but I don’t put any pressure on myself.

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