Matteo Berrettini shares honest words after Marrakech victory: “It’s been a tough two years”


The Italian tennis player let himself go in all his emotion after beating Carballes Baena

“It’s been a tough two years and also thanks to my team, I was able to overcome the difficult moments. My body didn’t allow me to play. I say thanks to all the people who made my return possible. Now I’m back.”

With these words shared at the press conference, Matteo Berrettini revealed his feelings after returning to win a title two years after the last time.

And the eighth title of his career, the first since the Queen’s tournament won in 2022, arrived in Marrakech, and it is a success with a special flavor, because it allowed the Italian to also return to the Top-100.

Matteo Berrettini to the Hell and back

The Italian won the Moroccan tournament by beating Roberto Carballes Baena in straight sets. Despite the defeat, the Spaniard made beautiful statements towards Berrettini.

“I think I played my best tennis in Marrakech and I can’t wait to participate in this tournament again. First of all I want to congratulate Matteo, it’s nice to have you back on the circuit even if you defeated me.”

Berrettini, replies with very beautiful words to his opponent, but he wanted to thank all the people who turned his dream into reality.

“I want to congratulate Roberto on a great week. It’s always hard to face you, I really appreciated your words and I wish you the best. I thank all the people who make this tournament possible. I first came here in 2018 and the tournament has made great strides over time.

I have to thank my team. They were two tough years and also thanks to them I managed to overcome the difficult moments. My body didn’t allow me to play. I say thank you to all the people who made my return possible. I know the Italians were rooting for me. You have always been close to me in these months,” he explained.

Berrettini has experienced extremely complicated moments and has had to fight against all his haters and against those who have unfairly criticized him in these two years, to ensure that he once again has the opportunity to compete at the level to which he has accustomed fans.

Matteo has trained tirelessly in recent months and is now ready to climb the ATP ranking again and play a leading role, especially on fast surfaces.

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