Nick Kyrgios Confesses to How He Shot Himself in the Foot With an Extravagant ‘Tattoo’ Confession With Girlfriend


The month of December 2021 was a special one for Nick Kyrgios. He began dating fashion and lifestyle influencer, Costeen Hatzi. Over the past couple of years, the two have shared a healthy bond and have enjoyed quality time together on holidays. Additionally, she travels the world along with Kyrgios as he participates in various tournaments. Recently, he revealed a secret that was dedicated to his girlfriend.

Kyrgios is very fond of tattoos and has his body covered by it. However, on the thigh, he has Costeen’s name tattooed, which was a surprise for her. Let’s find out what the Australian star had to say about it.
Earlier this week, Kyrgios was involved in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan. Ahead of his much-awaited comeback, the Australian star talked about his relationship with his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi.
Opening up about this, he said, “Everything’s easy with her um, and back to the tattoo I was actually in a tattoo parlor and I was getting something covered up and then she was like I was like do you want me to get you tattooed?”

Further, he added, “It was just like I just threw it out there, and then she was like no no you don’t have to and then secretly I knew that was me shooting myself in the foot I was like oh no I have to do it I have to do it now so she was like no you better do it and then I have to get a little one on my on my leg.”

The two have also discussed their engagement in the future. However, Hatzi was unconcerned about its timeline.

What did Kyrgios’ girlfriend say about their engagement?

During an interview earlier this year, Hatzi made her stance clear about her relationship with the Australian star. She opened up about their engagement plans and cleared rumors surrounding it.

Hatzi said that if their engagement ‘happens, then it happens’ and she’ll go with the flow and doesn’t have any concrete plans of getting hitched. Further, she added, “I’m just going with the flow and we’re happy and healthy and, yeah, that’s all that matters.”

The two have maintained their strong bond and are an adorable couple in the sporting world. As Kyrgios looks to make a strong comeback next year, he has the full support of Hatzi.

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