Nick Kyrgios tells Piers Morgan ‘sometimes you are a bit of d***’ in interview teaser


Nick Kyrgios is set for an explosive “interview nobody thought possible” as he will face off with Piers Morgan on TalkTV in a show that will no doubt deliver several controversial snippets.

The pair have had several online clashes over the years and they refer to one such moment back in 2016 when Morgan lashed out at Kyrgios called him a “petulant little brat” and “embarrassing” following his fiery Wimbledon defeat to Andy Murray.

The Australian replied to Morgan’s Twitter (as X was previously known as) comments with EAD, which means “eat a d***”.

And in a trailer for the interview, they touch on that incident with Kyrgios telling the British media personality: “Sometimes you are a bit of a d**k.

“I can be a douche on the tennis court … I think we’re very alike.”

They also discuss the 28-year-old’s run to the Wimbledon final last year and another controversial moment when Kyrgios decided to do a press conference while eating sushi, which also didn’t go down well with a lot of people.

During the interview, Morgan asked the Australian: “How would you feel if while we’re talking right now I just start munching on sushi?”

Kyrgios retorted: “If I was talking to Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic I’d be like yeah, no, 100 per cent. But Piers Morgan, it’s like, it’s a problem.”

The feisty Aussie also opened up about being the “main villain”, “the Kyrgios family dealing with their fair share of racism in Australia” and the trauma his family went through when his mother was held at gunpoint during a carjacking incident in Canberra earlier this year.

Kyrgios has struggled with injury this year as knee surgery forced him to miss the start of the year, but he was then expected to make his comeback at the French Open only to sustain a cut foot during the carjacking incident involving his mother.

He eventually made his return to competitive tennis in June, but lasted only one match before injury again took its toll as he was forced to miss Wimbledon and the US Open.

With only one match played in 2023, the former world No 13 has slumped out of the ATP Rankings although he will be able to use his protected ranking to compete in tournaments next year.

Kyrgios’ interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored will be aired at 8pm (GMT) on TalkTV in the UK.

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