‘Not a Bad Person to Have My Picture Next to’- Coco Gauff Mirrors Roger Federer as She Sets New Standards for Grace and Style

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Reigning US Open champion Coco Gauff climbed one more step to the ladder of success. A regular on social media, Coco Gauff recently shared exclusives from her trip from Rolex’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, who has been her sponsor for a while now. Apart from being a part of the Rolex family, she also managed to get a space right next to her icon and Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer.

Now, the tennis fraternity knows well that Rolex and Roger Federer’s partnership goes way back to 2006. That year, this former world’s number one tennis player signed his debut $15 million deal with the brand for ten years. Now that Gauff has also embarked on Rolex’s chapter, she expressed her happiness beautifully.

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Coco Gauff is excited to see the “impressive watchmaking process” at the Rolex Headquarter

Gauff shared a special picture from her Switzerland trip on her Instagram story, where she posed between Federer and her photo at the Rolex headquarters. Sharing this image, Gauff wrote- “not a bad person to have my picture next to @rogerfederer @rolex.”

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However, she also dropped a set of pictures on her official Instagram profile wearing formal attire and clicking pictures with the Rolex officials. Sharing these images Gauff wrote- “Thank you @Rolex for having me! I had an amazing time visiting Switzerland for the first and learning about the impressive watchmaking process. As always, I am happy to be a part of the family <3  #Rolex #RolexFamily #WatchesandWonders2024″ 

In the same post, Gauff gave her fans a peek into how Rolex gifted her a specially customized watch with “US Open Champion 2023” engraved on the dial’s back.

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Gauff’s admiration for Rolex is often spotted when this American prodigy showcased this luxury brand’s watch during her tours. Not to forget, Gauff donned an exclusive Rolex matching with her dress when she bagged the US Open title last year

US Open Champion Coco Gauff stole all the limelight with her Rolex watch after bagging the title

This nineteen-year-old American tennis star’s incredible performance against Aryna Sabalenka at the US Open 2023 finals was too epic to forget. However, one more thing caught the fraternity’s eyes that day and it was Gauff’s exclusive Rolex Oyster Perpetual. When Gauff bagged the victory, she replaced her left wristband with the watch showing its contribution to her celebration.

Coco Gauff’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref, 116000 was powered by Rolex’s 3000 series movement with 36mm water resistance.  This exclusive watch is also available in 34mm and 39mm resistances and belongs to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Collection’s previous generation. Gauff’s watch has a shiny dial hued in burgundy and highlighted with a sunray finish. It truly tells Coco Gauff’s elite choices for accessories.

Gauff’s US Open celebration with an exclusive Rolex watch represented her love for the brand. Now that she received a customized watch from the headquarters, fans might see her promoting the brand more often. However, the adorable smile on her face seeing her picture next to icon Roger Federer was the showstopper moment for her fans.


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