Paige Spiranac bemoans the impact of Masters’ rules on her social media numbers


Spiranac wowed with her look at the famed golf event

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac recently shared her frustration about the phone ban at The Masters, revealing how it has affected her ability to engage on social media during the iconic tournament.

Despite attending each day of The Masters, Paige has found herself constrained by the strict rules enforced at Augusta National Golf Club, which prohibits phones and cameras on the premises, even when kept in a patron’s pocket.

Taking to her Instagram story, Paige posted a selfie sporting a straw hat and Adidas dress, along with an update for her followers explaining her decreased activity on social media.

She wrote: “Been having the best time ever at the Masters! Sorry I haven’t been as active. It’s hard when you can’t bring your phone in but can’t wait to update you guys later! Who do you think is winning tomorrow?”

Paige Spiranac’s social media presence has propelled her to fame within the golfing community, amassing a substantial following of four million on Instagram. Her success has also paved the way for other golf influencers to enter the scene.

Throughout the Augusta tournament, Paige has been actively engaging with her audience, sharing insights and updates on each day’s events. Notably, she recently criticized golfer Zach Johnson for his reaction towards fans at Augusta, where he reportedly used inappropriate language after a challenging hole.

Despite the challenges posed by The Masters’ stringent rules, Paige remains dedicated to connecting with her followers and sharing her passion for golf through her distinctive online presence.

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