Paige Spiranac calls herself “a tease” as she models a low-cut top that’s primed to burst


The golfer-turned-model is one of the most popular influencers on social media

Paige Spiranac explodes against haters and invents a new slogan: Come for the tits and stay for the tips

Paige Spiranac’s yellow low-cut top might have distracted people from her words as she described herself as “always a little bit of a tease”.

She modelled the top during a promotion for “swaggolfco” and showed it off to her 3.9m followers on Instagram via the stories feature.

The yellow top revealed all of her chest and was held together by nothing but thin pieces of string at the apex of her cleavage.

She called on fans to get their mystery boxes from the company and gave a cheeky comment of, “You know me, always a little bit of a tease.”

Spiranac is comfortably the most popular golf influencer online, according to, with almost 600,000 more followers than Grace Charis in second.

As a result, she’s earned countless endorsements for various companies and has gained a platform to showcase her life and her talent for golf, in which she still works as a coach.

Spiranac’s tips earning for her

Along with her fame, the former-professional golfer is well experienced on how to handle those who do not have nice things to say and she flexed that talent to the latest troll who said people are only interested in her for her body.

“People come for the t**s and stay for the tips,” Spiranac said in a Q/A to a troll, claiming people to appreciate her advice on fashion and golf.

“This is always a popular question,” Spiranac posted to (formerly Twitter), adopting it as her mantra. “I might have to make this my new tagline lol come for the t**s and stay for the tips.”

Paige Spiranac challenges you to beat her score by playing 9 holes

She did, however, admit that it previously did get to her and as she was attempting to grow her golf career, in which she almost qualified for the Ladies’ Professional Golfers Association, she resorted to turtleneck outfits to cover up her figure after unwanted comments.

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