Paige Spiranac claps back at hater who claims she’d be putting on thongs at 60


Paige Spiranac gets ugly comments from haters constantly

Paige Spiranac has been winning at the influencer game, and haters come with the territory, however, the golfing diva knows how to handle them very well, especially when they attack her for the wardrobe choice when uploading the content she provides.

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Paige Spiranac trolls a troller and finishes a conversation with online finesse

During one of Paige’s Instagraml videos on where she was practicing on a virtual court, she made a quick question to her fandom asking on a post that read “How far do you think my drive ended up going?”

Immediately, some people guessed correctly, however, there is always a hater. This time a user wanted to shame her just to get her riled up; little did he know that Spiranac is used to people telling her terrible things, especially when they can do it online.

The hater tried to insult Paige by commenting “She’s gonna be 60, putting a thong on and hitting golf balls to stay relevant.”, however, instead of feeling offended, she clapped back phenomenally by giving the commenter something to think about.

Paige Spiranac pointed at her mom Annette Spiranac’s age and her great ability to play the sport, “my mom is in her 60s and is smoking hot so odds are in my favor of that happening. You’re welcome.”

Later in the thread, the hater claimed that he was triggered by Spiranac’s wardrobe choice, the hater said “All good haha just your article on being sexualized is kinda triggering when you post this stuff all the time. Still given the likes tho.”

Without knowing it, the skeptic took the conversation to grounds where Paige is very familiar, and obliterated him with a quick response, “to be fair I’ve never said people sexualize me or I want to be taken seriously. Those are misleading headlines.”

“I’m aware of my brand and I lean into it. I’ve explained this all in depth on my podcast and other channels but people only choose to make a snap judgment off a clickbait headline.” she concluded.


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