Paige Spiranac returns as Harley Quinn to tease fans on Halloween surprise


The former professional golfer is ready to make jaws drop this 2022

Halloween season is officially back, and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac is prepared to start a fire with her outfit once more.
After her most recent tweet went viral, her fans are falling back in love all over again. Spiranac stopped playing competitive golf in December 2016 and transitioned to a full-time career in social media.
Since then, she has developed an internet following of more than 3.5 million people. Her admirers adore her for her beauty and confident demeanor.

The former golfer declared that things will improve this year while posting a photo of herself dressed as Harley Quinn from Halloween the previous year. She challenged her followers to make educated guesses on her Halloween costume for this year.

What are Paige Spiranac’s plans for Halloween 2022?

Spiranac demonstrated her ability to dress up at Halloween the year before. She wore a red, blue, and black costume and black boots to resemble Harley Quinn. The persona is a member of the “Suicide Squad” team and the Batman comic book series.

Her attire was adored by the public, who showered their praise in the comments area. Last year, they believed the outfit was ideal for her. They will surely be interested in learning exactly what she decides to wear this year.

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