Raducanu Feels She’s ‘Playing Some Of Best Tennis Of My Life’ After Billie Jean King Wins


Playing in the Billie Jean King Cup isn’t the highlight of Emma Raducanu‘s tennis career, but it helped her to feel she’s playing her best tennis again.

The British player played well in France, and she said something very interesting after her comeback wins at the Billie Jean King Cup. Some might disagree, but ultimately, it’s the Brit who knows herself best.

She explained that her wins at the event featured some of the best tennis that she has ever played in her life, and that was an interesting comment from a player whose level took her to a major trophy.

Her career highlight is the US Open trophy from a few years ago, and she played some amazing tennis back then. Even so, the Brit highlighted how much she’s improved compared to the last time she played the Billie Jean King Cup using the word ‘best.’

“The level out there today was really high. My last Fed Cup tie was in the Czech Republic two years ago. I think it’s great to see how far I’ve come, on a lot of notes. I’ve for sure improved because I feel like I’m playing some of the best tennis of my career and my life.”

The wins were pretty huge and important, but they were certainly not easy. Beating Caroline Garcia on clay in France is not easy, but it is quite notable. Even Diane Parry wasn’t easy to beat because the French player actually outplayed Katie Boulter 6-2 6-0 the day before.

If you add the atmosphere that Raducanu had to overcome, then it starts to make sense why she feels so confident about her tennis. The wins start to look more impressive, and quite possibly, it might have been the best tennis she’s played in a very long time


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