“She’s ridiculous,” haters spew disgusting words at Emma Raducanu


I’ve said this before: is it that hard for the haters to understand that Emma has the right to play, to win, to lose and to enjoy life, like everyone else?

The relationship between Emma Raducanu and a segment of tennis fans is extremely complicated. Each of her matches is followed by a disgusting following of poisonous, nasty comments, shared by social media users who over time have become a following of haters for the young British girl.

Emma is trying in every way but she is having a terrible effort to come back. The former WTA No.10, winner of the 2021 edition of the US Open, has never been the same tennis player since that success, beaten down by pressure, injuries and many off-court distractions. Many think that her victory was a lucky astral coincidence and no one now seems to think about her rebirth, despite her recent declarations.

I would just like to add one thing to anyone who still thinks or supports this thesis: winning a Slam is never a coincidence. If someone wins a Slam it is only thanks to her. Stop. You can have a simple draw, you can go through a state of perfect psycho-physical shape, but then he still has to beat his opponents for two weeks. For three, considering that Emma started from the qualifiers. Therefore, whoever wins a Slam does so because he deserves to win it.

Raducanu said she has been training frenetically to try to get back but things don’t seem to be going well. Also at the WTA 1000 in Doha, Raducanu collapsed after one hour and thirty-nine minutes of play against the Russian Angelina Kalinina, a match without history and which ended with the result of 6-0;7-6(6).

Emma has the right to play, to win, to lose and to enjoy life. Like everyone else

Emma started very badly, she tried to react in the second set but things didn’t seem to go well and in the end the tennis player was forced to give in. After the match, Raducanu complained, talking about the causes of her defeat and pointing it to various reasons including the time, the sun or the fact of playing outdoors.

These statements did not please many fans, who joked about the knockout.

“To be honest I felt like I never got into the match. It’s a mix of things that caused this, it was my first match played during the day in a long time, honestly I think I need to train more outdoors because it’s very different, it’s really difficult to see the ball in these situations and I didn’t expect that,” said Emma.

Raducanu’s haters criticized the British woman’s words a lot, pointing them out as a ridiculous series of excuses.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a series of excuses like that from a professional tennis player, I wouldn’t know how to explain the 48 unforced errors,” said one of the many posts (I don’t want to include others in the article) against the young British player.

I’ve said this before. Emma has the right to play, to win, to lose and to enjoy life, like everyone else. Is it that hard for the haters to understand?

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  1. Gordon Matthews says

    These pathetic people who sit behind a keyboard making negative comments about a remarkable young woman are just sad! What have they ever achieved? Probably bugger all! No one can ever take away the remarkable achievement that she made and like you say she has the right to play this lovely game win, lose or draw it is her business not any of these weirdoes! If Emma ever sees these comments do your best to just feel sorry for these sad (mainly men) there is something really wrong with them because decent people do not behave like this and they could really do with some help!

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