Sinner Gives Honest Verdict On Massive Umpiring Error That Possibly Cost Him Win Over Tsitsipas


Jannik Sinner lost to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters in a pretty unfortunate way, and he talked about it after the match.

Sinner’s match against Tsitsipas was a good battle, ultimately ending in three sets, with Tsitsipas winning. It could have easily ended the other way around, and many think it should have because the Greek was in serious trouble in the final set.

He was down 1-3 and faced a break point, which would have likely tilted the match in the Italian’s favour, had he converted it. However, Tsitsipas saved that match thanks to a really bad error by all the umpires on the court because his second serve was long by a lot.

Sinner went over to check the mark after he lost the rally on the break point and showed the umpire that the ball was wide by a lot, and the hawk-eye available to viewers in front of screens at home confirmed it.

By rules, it was too late, but it’s a ball the umpire shouldn’t have missed under any circumstances. It wasn’t close to the line, and it was a huge point that basically changed the match’s outcome. Sinner was disappointed by the way it ended and reflected on it after the match.

“No, it happened. You know, you cannot do nothing anymore. It’s already the past. I mean, it’s tough to accept this, yes. It’s tough, a tough one to swallow, because, you know, I was playing at some point great tennis.”

“Was, you know, yeah, playing well. You know, tactically everything went in the right direction. You know, everyone can make mistakes unfortunately or fortunately. You know, also I can make mistakes. And it went like this.”

It was unfortunate, but Sinner will likely focus most on his lower leg, which made him limp towards the end of the match. That’s the most important tidbit of this match—his health.


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