Swiatek Admits She Will Have To Adjust Her Vacation Plans Because Of Olympics


Iga Swiatek enjoys traveling and exploring new places, which is why a vacation is a must-have on her yearly schedule, but this year, she’ll have to adjust it.

Like most top players, Swiatek takes her vacation after Wimbledon because there are a few weeks between that event and the first significant tournament after the season’s third major.

It’s also convenient during the summer when many players can travel to some beachside resort and enjoy life a little bit, something they don’t get to do during a very taxing year on the ATP and WTA Tours.

Swiatek generally takes a week to rest after a busy Roland Garros—Wimbledon swing. This year will be a bit different for many players because, after Wimbledon, there will be the Olympic Games.

Instead of vacationing, most top players will be in the Olympic Village, hoping to go as far as they can in the Olympic event. It’s an honor for Swiatek as she hopes to win it, but she will also look to find some room to rest after all of that.

“I wouldn’t say there is much room for changing the schedule before the Olympics if you want to play on clay and on grass. I always want to do that. There’s not much room to do that. Obviously I’m not going to take vacation after Wimbledon. This has to wait.”

“Maybe we’ll adjust the schedule afterwards so I can rest properly. Yeah, the tour is intense. Having one more important tournament in there, it’s not easy to maneuver in that.”

The busy summer is something many players are dealing with. They can’t really skip Roland Garros or Wimbledon because they’re major events in their own right, and the Olympics come pretty quickly after that. Who navigates that best will likely end up with a medal

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