‘The Girls Should Be Petrified’ – Naomi Osaka’s Latest Act Erupts Tennis Fans as Hype Around Her Comeback Reaches New Heights


From Coco Gauff to Elena Rybakina, the tennis world is currently witnessing the journeys of many young players rising to the top. Despite enjoying the action that these players showcase on the court, fans also miss the stars they once admired. Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis star who made her name in the tennis world at a very young age, has been captivating the attention of her fans lately after she announced her comeback in 2024.


Osaka took a break from the WTA Tour due to her pregnancy. While she welcomed her newborn daughter Shai recently, the 26-year-old announced her comeback in the upcoming season. As the 4-time Grand Slam champ is now working hard to be back on the courts, fans recently got a sneak peek into her training regime through a video. As the video started trending, fan reactions flooded social media.


Fans express their excitement as Naomi Osaka shares video of her preparations



The fans held down their mixed emotions as Naomi Osaka stepped back from the tour as she announced her pregnancy. The young Japanese star stayed out of the professional circuit for almost a year in which several other names made their way up in the WTA rankings. As the 26-year-old is now getting ready to be back on the courts, fans are expecting to see her compete the young stars who have made their names over the year. Recently, Osaka doubled up the excitement of fans as she posted a video of her training schedule.


As soon as the video started to gain the attention of the fans who were saving their cheers for her comeback, they came up with a pre-celebration in the comments of the post. A fan, expressing her emotions over the highly anticipated comeback, commented, “Can’t stop watching this. I don’t think yall ready for her.”


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Can’t stop watching this. I don’t think yall ready for her 😭😭😭 https://t.co/Rxa87JNtT3


— Black Spin Global (@BlackSpinGlobal) December 1, 2023


Another fan, recalling the best moments of Osaka and expecting to see more of them, said, “Nothing quite like seeing you hitting the cover off the ball again.”


Nothing quite like seeing you hitting the cover off the ball again 😊 https://t.co/UC1Qn6HDfz


— Jimmy (@Racquettechie) December 1, 2023


A fan, seeing Osaka’s comeback as a strong competition to the current WTA top rankers, commented, “Goodbye WTA girlies.”


Goodbye WTA girlies https://t.co/RG6q4tsKFG


— 𝕍𝔼ℕ𝕌𝕊𝔾𝔸𝕌𝔽𝔽 (@VenusGauff) December 1, 2023


On a similar note to every other fan who presented a heartfelt eagerness to see the Japanese star back, a fan wrote, “Can’t wait to see Osaka back on tour. It’d be so fun to see her back at the top with this solid group of top 5 players battling it out.”


Can’t wait to see Osaka back on tour. It’d be so fun to see her back at the top with this solid group of top 5 players battling it out https://t.co/lTcz8IZqbJ


— Matt Dowell (@MattDowellTV) December 1, 2023


The trail of comments continued as a fan, slamming the current WTA top rankers, commented, “Ohh the girls should be petrified.”


Ohh the girls should be petrified. https://t.co/ihPkY0EKcB


— Andres 💕 (@Axdresbvi) December 1, 2023


With these and several other comments that supported Osaka’s comeback, the fans proved that the Japanese tennis star could rely on them during her comeback. Before this update, the news of her welcoming a baby girl into the family was also celebrated by the fans.


Osaka’s excitement to see a new fan in the stands


After the birth of her daughter, Osaka happily shared hopes of seeing her daughter Shai in the stands as a new fan of hers. “It really does feel like a dream to think of my own child in the stands watching me, and I’m so excited that I’ve got that coming in the not-so-distant future,” Osaka said as she imagined the good days.


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