“This is cool” – Coco Gauff delighted about having a question based on her in popular trivia show ‘Jeopardy’


Coco Gauff recently expressed her delight in having a question based on her in the popular trivia show ‘Jeopardy’.During a recent episode of ‘Jeopardy’, when a contestant decided to choose the sports question for $1000, the question which popped up revolved around the young American sensation.

The question asked the contestants which fan-favorite player defeated Venus Williams at the age of 15 and went on to win the US Open later. This was accompanied by an image of Gauff.

“We are coocoo for this woman who defeated Venus Williams at age 15 and later won the US Open,” the question read.

Coco Gauff took to Instagram, where she shared the segment in her story and expressed delight in being featured on ‘Jeopardy’ before adding that having a question based on her in the show was “cool.”The American also appreciated Ms. Victoria, a contestant, for answering the question rapidly.

Gauff turned heads when she defeated Venus Williams in the first round of the 2019 Wimbledon Championships at the age of 15, making her a fan favorite instantly. She won the US Open last year by defeating Aryna Sabalenka in the final.

Coco Gauff on her Wimbledon victory against Venus Williams: “I never expected this to happen”

Coco Gauff received a qualifying wildcard for the 2019 Wimbledon Championships and knocked out Aliona Bolsova, Valentina Ivakhnenko and Greet Minnen to become the youngest player to reach the main draw of Wimbledon in the Open Era via qualifying.Gauff faced Venus Williams in the first round and defeated the five-time Wimbledon champion in straight sets, causing one of the biggest upsets in the history of tennis.Speaking on her stunning victory during the post-match conference, Gauff said that she didn’t expect anything like that and was completely surprised with what had gone down.

“I’m super shocked, but I’m just super blessed that Wimbledon decided to give me the wild card. I mean, I never expected this to happen.”

Coco Gauff elaborated by expressing how this match had been a dream of hers. She also conveyed her gratitude towards Williams, highlighting how the veteran player had always been kind to her during their encounters.

“Obviously I literally got my dream draw, so I’m just super happy I was able to pull it out today. She played amazing, was just super nice. She’s always been nice the couple times I met her,” Gauff said.

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