WATCH: Djokovic Furiously Swears At Fan During Monte-Carlo Semifinal Loss


Novak Djokovic‘s interactions with members of the crowd are a recurring theme during his matches, but his outburst during the Monte-Carlo Masters semifinal was particularly heated.

The 24-time Grand Slam champion’s match in Monte-Carlo against Casper Ruud was very entertaining. But Djokovic lost out to an inspired Ruud for the first time, meaning his wait for a first title since 2015 at the event continues.

Although the Grand Slams and the Olympics are his priority this season, Djokovic could not hide his disappointment after the match. He is a fierce competitor and wants to always win every match that he plays.

However, the quality of the tennis on show was not the only thing that was notable about the battle between the two. The crowds in Monte-Carlo have been rowdy at times, and that was the case again.

There was one particular person in the crowd who was calling out during the points in a manner that Djokovic found distracting, and the Serbian clearly showed how angry it was making him.

As can be seen in the video below, Djokovic turns to the member of the crowd involved after losing a point. Without hesitating, he furiously tells him to “shut the f**k up,” with other fans looking shocked by the outburst.

Djokovic did not finish there. He also directed some other angry words towards the fan, although what he said after the initial swearing is harder to make out, as he said it in his native language. What is clear is how annoyed he still was at the spectator.

As is often the case, Djokovic’s actions have divided opinion. Some feel the fan was acting in an unacceptable manner and deserved to be called out aggressively, while others think this is a case of Djokovic being a bad role model.

Regardless, it certainly will not be the last time Djokovic interacts in such a manner with the crowd.


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