Who is Emma Raducanu’s new boyfriend?


Ex-Harrow head boy and a billionaire’s son: who is Emma Raducanu’s new boyfriend?

Rumours of romance between the British tennis star and Carlo Agostinelli seem to be well-founded – but what else do we know?

Emma Raducanu with Carlo Agostinelli

She is the young star of British tennis, winner of the US Open and a highly marketable sportswoman with – barring injury – the world at her feet.

He is a former head boy at Harrow School, the football-playing son of an American billionaire and, it seems, Emma Raducanu’s new(ish) boyfriend.

This week, Carlo Agostinelli arrived at a Paris Fashion Week show at the Tuileries Garden arm in arm with Raducanu, appearing to confirm that they were, indeed, an item.

So who is the 20-year-old Raducanu’s wavy-locked lothario? Born in Paris, educated in Britain, where he was selected Head of School at Harrow and led the French and Italian societies, Agostinelli went on to study international relations at Stanford University in California.

Aged 23, he has four siblings and is the son of Robert Agostinelli, a financier born in Rochester, New York, to Italian parents.

More is known about Carlo’s father than about him, so far. Agostinelli Senior joined Goldman Sachs in 1982, moving to Lazard in 1987. He then went it alone in 1995 to found Rhone Group, a New York-based private equity firm.

The company went on to manage billions of dollars. He is a supporter of various right-wing causes, according to a Forbes profile, and counts Nicholas Sarkozy and George W Bush as close friends.

Carlo’s father Robert Agostinelli with his wife, Francesca Agostinelli

Carlo’s mother is also a notable figure: Mathilde Favier, the Parisian public relations manager at Dior for the past 12 years, is, according to her Instagram biography, “in charge of celebrities worldwide”.

Favier interned at Chanel at the age of 14 and undertook two years of linguistic studies at the Sorbonne before starting a career in fashion. Prior to joining Dior, she spent 11 years at Prada, according to Vogue.

Carlo, as might be expected, appears to enjoy a glamorous, jet-setting life. But it wasn’t until earlier this year that evidence of Raducanu – herself a Dior ambassador – appeared in it.

On a trip to Mexico in May, he posted pictures of the tennis star, setting off rumours that they must be romantically involved. Raducanu used the same trip as an opportunity to post pictures of him. The internet deduced that something was going on.

On July 12, in an exciting new development, the pair were seen leaving Whole Foods in Kensington together – the clean-eating, modern-day equivalent of stumbling out of a nightclub and into the back of a cab.

Raducanu and Agostinelli – who must surely become collectively known as Raducanelli, if the rules of celebrity dating are properly followed – were also spotted leaving the Mayfair private members’ club Oswald’s together in July, where Agostinelli had reportedly celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Bruno and Francoise Favier, Mathile Favier’s parents, with their grandchildren Heloise and Carlo Agostinelli at the 20th anniversary of Rêve d’enfant (the Christophe Gérard film), at Opéra Bastille

Bruno and Francoise Favier, Mathile Favier’s parents, with their grandchildren Heloise and Carlo Agostinelli at the 20th anniversary of Rêve d’enfant (the Christophe Gérard film), at Opéra Bastille CREDIT: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

The previous month, Raducanu was snapped outside Agostinelli’s £2 million Kensington property. The evidence was piling up. Sport is clearly the chief passion of both, and if we are to judge the college midfielder Agostinelli by his Instagram captions – which we must – we will learn that he believes “football is life”.

Indeed, he had trials at PSG Academy, INF Clairefontaine and Tottenham Hotspur before high school, entered Tottenham’s development squad for three months, and then received an “outstanding talent” in football award to attend Harrow School, according to his Stanford soccer profile page.

Emma Raducanu

While a pupil at the British public school, he was awarded a prize for best ancient historian, proving himself academic as well as athletic.

Other notable family members include his brother Massimo, a Swiss-based artist, and sister Heloise, a model and the ex-girlfriend of Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing. Heloise also appeared in the reality show.

Tatler suggests it is likely that Raducanu and Agostinelli “will have been friends for some time”, due to the Dior connection. No public statement or announcement has been made by the pair regarding their apparent relationship.

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