Adam Sandler’s kids objected to his ‘kisses’ to Jennifer Aniston?


Adam Sandler reveals daughters are uncomfortable with his intimate scenes in films

Adam Sandler has two daughters. But, he shared they did not approve of his on-screen intimacy with his fellow stars, including Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

Previously, appearing on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 57-year-old shared, “When I have to kiss anybody, they’re not thrilled about that,” adding, “My wife is always telling them, ‘It’s OK. It’s part of the job. Let daddy kiss.'”

However, the Mark Twain Prize winner added that his eldest daughter, Sadie, has become normalized to the nature of his work.

But he shared that his younger kid Sunny still objected to the intimate scenes.

“[Sadie is] always fine with it… [But] Sunny would always be going over to my wife, saying, ‘You have to watch them. That’s not good. And I don’t like that.'”

Meanwhile, Adam shared that the duo still supported his work, and the actor also supported their aspirations in the showbiz industry.

“They both like it [the entertainment industry], and they both talk about it. I just want them to be happy, and this is the kind of stuff that they talk about,” he said.

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