Naomi Osaka’s Outing With Daughter Springs a Surprise as She Catches a Glimpse of Her Creation


The whole tennis world awaits Naomi Osaka‘s comeback! Her fans eagerly await to see her back in action while she spends a little more time with her daughter. As she will be seen playing at the Australian Open, she’s currently giving all her time to her daughter, Shai. The 26-year-old Japanese tennis player recently went out with her baby girl.

But that was not the major highlight. If you are her fan, you might know that not only she is an amazing tennis star, but she is also a brilliant author who has written a children’s book. During her outing, she found a small surprise for herself: she saw her own creation becoming well-liked by the general public.

After being away from tennis since last year’s September, the former world number one donned a new professional role for herself. Inspired by the four-time Grand Slam champion’s game-changing program Play Academy, which gives wings to young girls through sport, she wrote a children’s book. ‘The Way Champs Play,’ achieved quite a good response from the audience.

However, since the book was published in December of last year, she truly wasn’t prepared for the surprise of discovering it in a bookstore. Recently, the 26-year-old Japanese tennis player took to her Instagram account to share a glimpse of how she found her own creation. Along with that, she wrote, “Went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to get books for Shai and I saw my book.”

However, even after being a writer, a tennis player, and a businesswoman, becoming a mother is something that gave the four-time Grand Slam champion the biggest joy of her life. A few months ago, just after becoming a mother, Osaka talked about the joy of receiving God’s gift in the form of her daughter.

Osaka’s heartfelt confession on becoming a daughter’s mama

Earlier this year, during an interview with ESPN, the former world number one talked about her perspective on being a mother. She stated, “Shai means God’s gift, and I think that’s why I wanted her to feel like she was a gift to me and her dad [rapper Cordae]. She’s spreading a lot of joy already, so it’s very exciting.”

Although being a mother is truly life-changing, Osaka has also embraced this change beautifully, leaving no stone unturned to be an ideal mother for Shai. Not only did she call her daughter a gift, but she also highlighted to her and her boyfriend how she has brought happiness since her arrival.

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