‘He’s Older And Slower’: Djokovic Warned Amid Alcaraz And Sinner Success


Former world number 5 Henri Leconte warned Novak Djokovic that the NextGen is seriously coming, and he’s not in the same shape to counter them as easily.

The 24-time major winner might not be the youngest anymore, and even though he’s proven the age is just a number, it’s starting to matter more and more. It matters particularly because players like Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are seemingly ready to take the next step, and they’ve already given them some problems.

Alcaraz downed him at Wimbledon last year, while Sinner bested him at the Australian Open this year. Those are some pretty painful losses for the Serbian, and some think his demise has already started.

The loss to Luca Nardi looks particularly bad on his resume, so he’s certainly seen better days. Djokovic will now need to find some solutions, but the next generation is seriously coming, according to former player Henri Leconte.

“The ‘Next Gen’ has dominated since last year, but they must prove that they can remain at the highest level. Sinner wins and confirms with his exceptional start to the season. There’s still Novak, but he’s older and he’s slower. He lost a little liveliness. Young people are less afraid because they feel that it is crumbly. Slowly, everything changes.”

This season will certainly be one of the more interesting ones in recent years because there are so many moving parts. There is Djokovic and his struggle and attempt to really find himself.

Then, there is the younger generation of players really figuring things out and stepping up, and then there’s the rest of the field, who would also like to throw their names in the hat.

The clay season, in particular, could offer some responses. Many expect Alcaraz to dominate, but Sinner certainly will have something to say, and Djokovic won Roland Garros last year.


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