‘I Need Her to Stop’ – Remorse Grips Coco Gauff Fans As They Have a Hard Time Accepting Her Adulthood


Times have changed, and so has Coco Gauff! She has not only established herself as one of the top tennis players at a young age but has grown as a person. Lately, she shared the latest photograph of herself that utterly left her fans glum as they reacted to how the situation has changed and the junior player was all grown up.

While she has attained maturity on the tennis court with her game and skills, she has also changed over time in terms of her personality, knowing how to focus on herself, and staying away from all the surrounding negativity on and off the court. Yet, netizens voiced their opinions on X.

Coco Gauff’s ‘grown up’ picture leaves tennis fans gloomy!


Recently, a picture of the 20-year-old tennis sensation has been doing the rounds on social media. She looks like an adult, quite mature, with her fashion sense and looks bringing a different side. Looking into that, when a fan posted a picture on Twitter, several tennis fans came forward and shared their worrying thoughts on how their young Gauff has grown up with time.

A fan highlighted how the Grand Slam Champion is now a ‘young adult’ and no longer a teenager.

On the other hand, another one was stunned by her beauty and could not believe that it’s been 5 years since the Wimbledon moment when she started gaining attention after playing a match against Venus Williams.

Subsequently, a fan detailed how it was a proud moment for him as Gauff is ‘all grown up now,’ 

Another fan shared emotions about how the fan reminisced about her young tennis years and it wasn’t the 15-year-old girl they all remembered from her early tennis days.

Lastly, a fan mentioned how the former world number third-ranked literally grew up in front of their eyes.

Therefore, there are significant changes when one grows old, but Coco looks forward to it positively. Not only that, a few months ago she also got real about her major adulthood progress, moving away from her teenage life.

Gauff ready for a major adulthood change 

On ‘The AO Show Weekly’ podcast a few months ago, the 20-year-old tennis sensation discussed her journey into adulthood and expressed excitement about getting her own house. Subsequently, she expressed a mixture of joy and dread as she got ready to relocate and create her world.

Gauff said, “Eventually moving out to my own place. Yeah, that’s the only the only thing I mean, everything else I feel like I’m. I don’t really drink, so I don’t think I’m looking forward to turning 21 because of that. Yeah, just moving out, getting my own place, and trying to be an adult. It’s a little bit scary, but I hopefully I’ll be alright.” Remarkably, she also disclosed that drinking is not among her list of advantages, even with the increased freedom that comes with becoming an adult. Truly a role model for the budding tennis players out there!

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the grown-up Gauff? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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