Sinner Reveals His Family’s Reaction To World No. 1 News

Jannik Sinner returned home after becoming world number one to spend time with his family, and it was an emotional experience for the Italian.

Going back home is always special for SInner because he doesn’t get the chance to do so often because of his job. Being a tennis player is a full-time job, and he rarely gets the chance to go back to Italy to visit his parents.

They don’t come out often to watch him play on the ATP Tour either, so having a chance to be there was just an amazing experience for him. This return was special because he returned as the reigning world number one, something which was a dream many years ago.

Getting the chance to spend time with them and reflect on that was hugely emotional both for him and his parents.

“I was talking with my family and talking about if I would have become in that situation where I’m right now, I would say no, because it was only a dream and now saying that I’m World No. 1 it’s just amazing.”

Many would say that dreams don’t come true, but occasionally, for some people, they do. It certainly worked out for Sinner, but he worked extremely hard for it. He left home as a kid to pursue his tennis career, which makes this achievement all the more meaningful to him.

“We were talking together and seeing them a little bit emotional and also from my side it’s amazing. World No. 1 is the achievement I was looking for and obviously now I have to see how much I can stay there.”

On a more personal note, returning home is just a nice experience for Sinner as it reminds him of his childhood. Not much has changed since he left, so the images in his mind are still pretty fresh.

“Well it’s always an amazing feeling going back where I’m born, where my family raised me. It’s always a special feeling coming home, I always have my memories in my head, going to ski, seeing myself with the friends, playing as a little kid and child, it’s always coming back to that place.”


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