Sinner ‘Strongest Player In The World Right Now’ According To Djokovic’s Former Coach


Jannik Sinner lost only the second time this year at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters, but according to the former Novak Djokovic‘s coach, he’s still the top player in the world.

Marian Vajda, Djokovic’s longest-standing coach, worked with him for almost 15 years in total. Many consider the Slovakian coach to be the mastermind behind Djokovic’s rise to tennis, which quite possibly is true.

Of course, the 24-time Grand Slam champion deserves the most credit because he went out there and played, but he spoke often about Vajda’s importance to his career.

The Slovakian hasn’t coached Djokovic in a while, but he’s still involved in tennis, one way or another. He recently sat down with Ubitennis to talk about the state of tennis right now, and he mentioned Jannik Sinner, who inflicted Djokovic a very painful loss in January.

According to Vajda, Sinner is the strongest player right now because he’s played too much impressive tennis for anybody to ignore. Some predictions have it that Vajda also sees Sinner becoming world number one later this year.

“I would say Jannik Sinner. In the last year he has played some really impressive tennis and he’s continuing to improve, keeping the level high. I think he’s the clear favorite to become No. 1 in the world. I also find Alcaraz is very strong, but Sinner at the moment is definitely the most likely to get to the top.”

Vajda on Sinner to Ubitennis

Sinner is expected to become world number one by June, after the Roland Garros. He lost early at the event last year, so he will have a chance to earn a lot of points this year, and he’s expected to do so because he has either won events or lost in the semi-finals so far in 2024.

That type of consistency gets players the world no. 1 spot. Many have already said that he’s the best in the world right now, including Djokovic, who holds the rank right now.


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