‘Unstoppable’ Nadal Could Reach Barcelona Open Final According To Tsitsipas


Stefanos Tsitsipas admitted that he could see Rafael Nadal reach the 2024 Barcelona Open final ahead of the Spaniard’s return.

The Greek player knows how to play in Barcelona and how to get to the final. He actually played two finals in Barcelona, losing both. Both times, it happened against native players, with Carlos Alcaraz beating him last year while Nadal beat him a few years ago as well.

He and Nadal are also in the draw this year, so fans might have a repeat of that final. Tsitsipas finally found his best tennis again at the Monte-Carlo Masters, winning the event, while Nadal reportedly outplayed Andrey Rublev in a practice set in Barcelona.

The Greek could certainly see Nadal reach the final at the ATP 500 event in Barcelona even despite the fact that he hasn’t play that much last year. He knows the event and courts too well, having won it 12 times. The main court is literally called Pista Rafa Nadal.

“Well, I would say that Rafa, regardless of whether he hasn’t played at all or if that’s his first tournament, we all know what Rafa is capable of and how quickly he can adjust to one of his favorite surfaces, which is a clay court.”

“I would not be surprised if we saw Rafa be in the finals of Barcelona, because that is something that he has done over and over again for years and years and years. What he does have is this competitiveness and this fierce tennis when he gets into the momentum that sometimes feels like on the outside perspective like unstoppable.”

None of what Tsitsipas said was wrong or crazy. Nadal hasn’t played much, and many doubt his capability of playing tennis on the highest level, but if he’s truly healthy after giving himself some extra time, then he’s certainly the favorite, especially after Carlos Alcaraz withdrew.

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