‘No! Not a Big Sister’- Whirlwind of Dating Rumours Take a New Turn as Ben Shelton Confesses His Honest Relationship With Coco Gauff

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The competitive tennis courts aren’t just a place for intense battles but also a favorable place for starting new friendships. Amid matches and competitions, bonds are shaped that rise above the limits of the court. One such unique kinship that has overwhelmed the tennis world is that of Coco Gauff and Ben Shelton. Their bond has been a subject of interest, filling bits of rumors about the idea of their relationship. Shelton recently offered a reviving viewpoint on friendship in the tennis world.

In the exclusive interview, Shelton acknowledged the invaluable influence of the American star in his life. Despite her age, Gauff has been on the tennis visit for quite some time and flaunts a US Open title in her career. Her obligation to social causes, especially racial justice, has been a wellspring of motivation.

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Amidst dating rumors, Ben Shelton shares details about his close friendship with Coco Gauff

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In the interview with GQ Sports, Ben Shelton shares bits of details about his life, both on and off the tennis court. The 20-year-old American tennis ace has started waves with his skills as well as with his veritable character. Shelton acknowledged the influence of his friends, especially Coco Gauff, on his way to deal with his legacy.

Regardless of the four-year age gap, he sees Gauff as a mentor, someone who has been on the tour longer and possesses a wealth of experience. Shelton was quick to share,” No! Not a big sister, not at all. Coco is a little sister to me!”

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Shelton’s meeting gives an invigorating look into the companionship between these rising tennis stars. Several dating bits of gossip have twirled around them because of their cozy relationship. Shelton’s portrayal of Gauff as a ‘little sister‘ appears to reaffirm that their relationship goes beyond romance.

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As they keep on succeeding on the court and motivate others, their bond keeps growing stronger. Instead of reacting to the frivolous dating speculations, these two exceptional stars chose a more light-hearted approach.

Gauff and Shelton share playful banter on social media

Both Gauff and Shelton have captured the hearts of the American tennis audience at the prestigious US Open. Shelton took to his Instagram account to reminisce about the memorable moments and posted, “Back to the lab, See ya next year NYC.”

In response to this post, Gauff left an encouraging comment for her friend, stating, “Only getting started,” accompanied by a fire emoji. In a swift response, Shelton expressed his admiration and respect for the new US Open Queen, and even proclaimed, “@cocogauff ur the goat.”

What do you think of their relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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