WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz Confirms His Relationship Status With Cheeky Facial Expression


Inviting the limelight on oneself in one respect means exposing one’s life to the cameras. The same goes for tennis, where talent on the court means questions about a player’s life off the court. Having just won Indian Wells and maintaining his position as World No. 2, it’s Carlos Alcaraz’s turn to come under fan scrutiny!

Just recently there was an incident where a few female tennis fans jokingly confirmed the relationship status of the the Spaniard and the 2024 Indian Wells tournament winner Carlos Alcaraz while he was practicing on the court.

Carlos Alcaraz confirms his relationship status in front of his fans

A recent video taken by some fans went viral on the internet, where some female tennis fans who are watching Carlos Alcaraz practice ask him about his relationship status. “Are you single?” comes the question. And Alcaraz, although practicing, smilingly looks back at the camera and gives a slight nod to confirm it, and then continues to practice.

Alcaraz’s response sounds like a “Yes” and fan laughter can be heard in the background. The Spaniard then turns back to continue hitting the ball on the court as the fans are left giggling with glee.

Well, now you know too! Interestingly, it seems like Carlos Alcaraz may be single right now, although he was once linked to a Spanish student-athlete to be in a serious relationship, per some resources. But why did the couple break up? Alcaraz once implied it had to do with his busy schedule, even though his rumored girlfriend is also a tennis player.

Carlos Alcaraz on “always [being] in different parts of the world

Carlos Alcaraz is now believed to be single but earlier he was linked with an athlete named Maria Gonzalez Gimenez. This relationship apparently lasted for several years. Gimenez also belonged to the same hometown of Alcaraz which is Murcia in Spain. With a common background in sports, it was easy to find a common connection.

Even though both Alcaraz and Gimenez kept their personal life very private, there were times when fans saw some Instagram stories in which the two of them could be seen sharing intimate moments. When Alcaraz split with her, he mentioned it was because he had to travel a lot. He added, ‘It’s hard to find the person who can share things with you if you’re always in different parts of the world.”

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